three women laughing

Do you struggle with liking yourself? Do you constantly compare yourself to others, and feel like you are always coming up short? Is it difficult to identify positive things about yourself? Are you uncomfortable when people compliment you? Do you find yourself being hard on yourself or using “tough love” language to yourself? Do you have a hard time believing in your ability to be successful in your professional life? Does your lack of self esteem keep you from finding and keeping love?

Low self esteem can lead to depression and anxiety. Our self esteem and self worth is directly related to our ability to find happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of our lives. If we are struggling with self worth and self esteem we can often find ourselves dissatisfied with the current path our life is taking.

I am a huge believer in the power of self confidence and self love. In counseling, I help my clients with low self esteem identify where their negative beliefs in themselves developed, and find ways to undo those negative beliefs to rebuild a more positive self image. Whether your low self esteem stems from body image issues, intellectual shortcomings, or just disbelief in yourself overall, I can assist you in increasing your self esteem and self worth.